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We offer a range of business services such as websites, graphic design, project management and business coaching/ solutions.

Business Solutions

You can view examples of our web sites here.

A graphics examples web page gives you ideas on brochures, flyers, banners, business presentations & styleguides.

We offer business coaching, with a number of techniques to assist small to medium size businesses. Sometimes in business, a manager is too close to his/or her business to prevent a business disaster or to take full advantage of unique business opportunities. Take a look at our business coaching web page.

Project Management

We have years of experience in project management, and project cost & feasibility assessment. Take a look at our Project Management web page.


Peter offers a number of unique education web pages at www.insula.com.au These pages include physics, astronomy, science & religion, ancient history & religion, Christianity and motorhoming. Read more

Books on Amazon

We are planning a number of eBooks on Amazon.

Self Help Books

The first is called: "A Light-hearted Reflection on Narcissism: Insights & Translations" by BJ Eyland. Here is the link if you wish to purchase this book. This book was made available in December 2015, it is available in Mobi Kindle format and ePub format suitable for iBooks.

Light Hearted Reflection on Narcissism

Description: This eBook contains invaluable reference material for everybody who knows a narcissist. It contains many anecdotes, stories which I have experienced personally or observed in others. It also explains why the narcissist is acting or behaving in this way. In some circumstances, it explains how you can try to minimise the negative affects of a narcissist. No doubt you will find the insights and translations useful. It is a lighthearted reflection on narcissists.

Physics Textbooks

We are also planning to release a comprehesive physics textbook with fully worked answers to relevant questions. This will be available in due course on Amazon and on iBooks, in ePub and Mobi Kindle formats.

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More fun pages

There are a number of fun pages too: