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Peter's image 5 Go to more of Peter's photos of recent Trafalgar trip to Greece.

Recent trips

Aboard the Sun Princess Peter on the Sun Princess

New Zealand Warrior New Zealand Warrior

Motorhome Trips

Motorhome trips to Sale Victoria, and to country NSW to assess venues for future Motorhome rallies.


Solar Panels

Solar Panels now have been installed for two years. 2Kilowatt system. Cheques received from the "grid".

"We now earn more from Energy Australia than we use - our credit is getting bigger."

Peter's talks


Peter - more talks to ISCAST at the Uni of NSW on Dating of New Testament Documents (ISCAST)

dating new testament docs Available as podcast, and with question time, and with Presentation notes (slides in pdf format).


Peter’s first talk to ISCAST was "Syriac Christianity & the transmission of Greek Science to the Arabs." Go to Peter’s Talk and slideshow (ISCAST) Available as podcast and with Presentation notes (slides in pdf format).

Syrian Christianity

Family History

Family history of the McDonnells/McDonalds. Elope and change your name, but you can never hide from you grandchildren.

Go to the printer friendly version (pdf) of the McDonnells' family tree.

William Grace McDonald

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