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Crafting for Charity

BJ's Crafting for Charity - is a helpful site for those who contribute their time, knowlege and efforts for charitable purposes. BJ wants to keep the knowledge of crafting alive, so has made this information available to all who can use it.

It would be appreciated if you use this information for your own use, for small groups, for "pin" money, (ie sale of items at small craft markets), or for charitable purposes.

BJ suggests that you make a donation (in cash or in craft) to Australian Red Cross or World Vision or another bona-fide registered charity - if you find this web site useful. Perhaps you could make one for yourself & then make another one for charity.

Please do not copy this information or produce craft from this information for large scale commercial purposes. This will breach the copyright of this intellectual property - which remains with BJ Eyland.


Patterns are available in a number of crafts incluing: knitting, crochet, sewing, polymer clay, folk art, xmas crafts, marmalade, pickles and slices.

Photo gallery

Photos of recent crafts are available for you to see. Go to craft photos>

Recipes for Charity

Take a look at BJ's slice recipes. Go to slice recipes>

Craft lessons in PDF format

BJ has prepared a number of craft lessons - that no doubt craft teachers will find these very useful. These are available in PDF format. (coming later)

More fun pages

There are a number of fun pages too: