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On Line Journal of Christian Beginnings

News page for JCB : On-line journal

This is the News Page of the on-line Journal of Christian Beginnings.

This online academic journal was announced at the recent conference at Macquarie University by Prof Alanna Nobbs, president. This online journal is a first for the ancient history department, and involves rigourous peer review. The submission of papers is not just restricted to members of the Society for the Study of Early Christianity (SSEC). It is hoped that this online journal will receive submissions from the wider academic community, both locally and internationally.

curtain raiser

Prof Alanna Nobbs at the Conference Curtain Raiser with Prof John Fitzgerald, Brad Bitner & Prof Laurence Welborn



For submitting papers or reviews, please use the editorial address.

For any further information, please send an email to Dr Don Barker or SSEC office.


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