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On Line Journal of Christian Beginnings

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beginnings archē is the greek word for beginnings.

The purpose of Journal of Christian Beginnings (JCB) is to publish scholarly papers and notes embodying original research in all areas of the study of Early Christianity. In particular, the journal focuses on the socio-economic background, political, cultural and philosophical times of Christianity and early Judaism up to the times of the Second Temple, or until the end of the fourth century A.D.

We encourage interdisciplinary contributions and submissions that use new approaches to elucidate their topic. Detailed treatments of specific themes are also welcome. We also publish book notices and reviews.

Journal of Christian Beginnings is an open access journal with free full text content. Despite its name the journal is not restricted to members of the Society for the Study of Early Christianity.

We encourage all interested parties to take part in the development of the journal. If you are interested in publishing in JCB, you are welcome to contact the editors using either e-mail or postal address. Be sure to check the guidelines for contributors before submitting your article.

Papers are published in PDF format and on-line only. If you cannot access them, download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF-documents. This also enables you to view Greek text and other original formatting without problems.

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About the Society

The study of Christianity poses important historical questions and intense interest has surrounded the investigation of its origins in the first century and the early phases of its growth. Fresh information on this period continues to become available in astonishing quantities, ripe for research. Macquarie University is also committed to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in these areas.
The Society has no ecclesiastical ties but may collaborate on academic occasions with theological colleges of all denominations and with the Jewish community.

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